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FLAAR Reports on UV-Curable Ink Flatbed Printers
by Nicholas Hellmuth

UV-Series #1 - Introduction to UV Curable Inkjet Flatbed Printers
Update, October 2009, 32 pages
Update, January 2010, 20 pages
Update, March 2010, 39 pages
Update, June 2008, 88 pages
Update, May 2009, 49 pages
Update, April 2008, 19 pages
Update, May 2010, 39 pages
Update, February 2009, 33 pages
Update, December 2008, 36 pages
First posted, April 2010, 52 pages
Update, March 2010, 37 pages
Update, April 2012, 58 pages

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UV Combo Offers One

Anatomy of a UV-Curable Ink Printer + How does a UV-Curable Printer differ from a Solvent or Eco-Solvent Inkjet Printer?

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UV Combo Offers Two

UV lamps + Introduction to UV-Cured Inks

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UV Combo Offers Three

UV Lamps for flatbed inkjet Printers + Introduction to UV-Cured Inks + Piezo Printheads Used in UV-Cured Inkjet Printers

List price of each reports purchased separately: $545
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UV-Curable Ink Flatbed Printers

UV-Series #1:

Introduction to UV-Cured Inkjet Flatbed Printers

UV-Series #2:

Applications and Tips

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Combo UV: Serious Production
Combo UV: Mid-range
Combo UV: Unusual Design
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Comments on UV Inkjet Printers at Major Trade Shows 2010
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UV-Curable Inkjet Market Analysis & Trends

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Decor Set: Fine Art Giclee - Photography

Reviews on UV printers come in various levels:


Any time you order three or more FLAAR Reports on UV printers, you can ask for as many of these articles as you wish. The articles on UV printers are by Nicholas Hellmuth; the article on RIP software is by Mandy Daniel, color management expert who worked with FLAAR at FESPA and works with FLAAR as a trainer in color management.


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