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FLAAR Free Download Reports on Digital Camera Equipment by Nicholas Hellmuth

You can self-download these following FLAAR reports. Because we are independent we can tell you the truth about the pros and cons of photography equipment.

If you would like additional materials on fine art, giclee printing, and scanning, then please follow this link and select up to 6 free FLAAR reports, you just need to fill out the request form and our staff will send you the information via e-mail.


If you wish to contribute to FLAAR, a non-profit research institute dedicated to photography of architectural history and archaeology of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, please "donate" by purchasing any of our following publication series on digital photography.

Your contribution via PayPal helps us cover the costs of the 25 people who work hard behind the scenes to bring you all the material that we make available: the rese archers, editors, lab technicians, lab  managers, web designers, graphic designers, photographers, and associated staff appreciate your contribution since it keeps us all at our work, namely bringing you fresh, independent, pithy reviews of digital imaging photography equipment and accessories.

The access to download the reports will be sent to you by mail when your contribution is done

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