Inspecting PE

One week inspecting PE alternative to banner and billboard substrates

Latex Ink

Water-based resin inks are now replacing solvent ink. By 2011 aqueous resin inks will take market share even from UV-cured ink flatbed printers. By DRUPA 2012 we predict that Sepiax and comparable water-based resin inks will be outselling HP latex inks. Why? and how?


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How to decide which trade shows to attend?

Posted May 13, 2015

We recommend: at least one of the good printer and signage expos in the USA (we attend four, and two are really worthwhile, but we attend three to four every year to be sure we keep track of all new inks, printers, etc).

It is crucial to attend one of the best printer expos in Europe because the key European companies have their full staff only at these expos (at an expo in North America you may only see their local sales repos).

It is essential to attend the largest expo in the world, which for the last two years has clearly been APPPPEXPO. Most other expo PR agencies have obviously never been to APPPEXPO or simply are paid to blast out misleading claims that their expo is "the largest printer expo in the world." This is a typical claim for a show which is good but nowhere near the largest; to overcome the lack of size they pressure their PR agents to send out silly claims

It is also essential to attend the best local or regional expo in your area: FESPA Africa would be an example for South Africa. SGI (aka Sign Middle East for the Middle East, etc).

Using this formula (one in USA, one in EU, and the best local regional expo close to your home base) we recommend FESPA 2015 in Cologne, FESPA Mexico 2015 in Mexico City, and FESPA Africa (was Sign Africa for many years).


ISA sign and printer trade show opened last April

Posted April 6, 2015

Our experience over fifteen years is that print shop owners and managers, distributors, and manufacturers should visit the leading expos in their own home country, the leading expo of printers & signage in Europe, and the gigantic APPPEXPO in China (which for printers, inks, and media is larger than all other expos in the world put together including DRUPA).

For people in North America (Canada, USA, and Mexico should attend the big international expos in this part of the world (yes, geographically Mexico is part of North America down to its Isthmus of Tehuantepc). ISA is the first large wide-format-printer and signage expo for North America, so we recommend you attend.

Five of us from FLAAR flew there since the expo opened last April 9th, in Las Vegas.

We hope we have seen you there, at our booth #416, though the team of Dr Nicholas Hellmuth were out in the aisles evaluating inks, media, printers, software, laminators, coaters, and cutters.

2015 Tradeshows FLAAR will attend

FLAAR attended D-PES 2015 in Guangzhou

Posted Jan. 20, 2015

Every single year, since D-PES first started in Dongguan, FLAAR Reports has helped provide information about printer expos to our growing list of readers.

D-PES has moved to Guangzhou already several years ago, and for 2015 was very different than in past years. It was important to see, in-person, all the changes, so FLAAR Reports attended D-PES.

To learn more you can visit their web site,


SGI in Dubai (Sign Middle East), first signage expo of 2015

Posted Jan. 2, 2015

SGI Dubai 2015To learn what is happening in the world of printing and signage, it helps to attend the major international expos.

SGI 2015 exhibitor list had enough brands and product categories to result in three of us from FLAAR flying all the way to the UAE to attend. is their web site.


FLAAR attended APPPEXPO 2015 in March

Most recently updated Jan. 20, 2015, Posted Dec. 12, 2014

SGI Dubai 2015The FLAAR team has been attending this trade show for over 5 years; this is one of the largest digital printer signage shows in China. For 2015, APPPEXPO has changed its dates from July to March, and will also change venue to the National (Shanghai) Center for Exhibition and Convention in the Hongqiao Central Business District.

Every year FLAAR flies several members of the staff to APPPEXPO, the number of FLAAR members increases each year so we can bring a specialist in each subject to do evaluations and research.

At APPPEXPO you will find several brands of UV-cured, textile, solvent, waterbased, and latex printers, many aftermarket ink, media and substrates, CNC routers, laminators and coater distributors or manufacturers.

It is a trade show worthwhile visiting for everyone in the digital signage industry.

You can visit their website:

Dr Nicholas and his team look forward to seeing you at APPPEXPO in March 2015.


Sign Istanbul, 11-14 September

Updated Sept. 11, 2014
Posted Aug. 12, 2014

Sign Istanbul 2014-preview-based-on-2013 FLAAR Reports
Ceramics China 2013 FLAAR Reports wide format printers

Two of us from FLAAR have been in beautiful Istanbul to attend Sign

Istanbul in mid-September.

We have lots of friends in the wide-format inkjet printing industry in Istanbul, so are looking forward to being back in Turkey again.

It is friendly country; awesome architectural history; and worth bringing your business associates or even your family.

This is the 16th year of this major printer and signage; then look for the UK flag to get the English language version.

The expo continues to grow, and is in a new wing of the Yulap convention center area, with the main entrance now associated with the Tulap Palas hotel.

Textile Printers, Photo Printers, 3D Printers: Everything

Posted April 4, 2014

If your company needs to compare Chinese brands with Korean brands with Japanese brands with brands from EU and America, then the one place in the world you can do this easily in one single location is at APPPEXPO this July in Shanghai.

You will never see all the Chinese brands in any expo near your home city. And in other Chinese expos you don’t get all the foreign brands. The great advantage of this July printer and signage expo in China is that you get close to all the significant brands that are missing at most other printer expos.

Plus, you get to experience Shanghai.

We at FLAAR have been going to China for about six years, and we enjoy Chinese hospitality. Plus we learn a lot from all the ink, media, cutter, printer, laminator, and other product booths.

To get an attendee pass, sign up and register here:

Below are the new FLAAR Reports related with "what to expect" at APPPEXPO 2014

If you need our reports in spanish or russian please visit this site.



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