Inspecting PE

One week inspecting PE alternative to banner and billboard substrates

Latex Ink

Water-based resin inks are now replacing solvent ink. By 2011 aqueous resin inks will take market share even from UV-cured ink flatbed printers. By DRUPA 2012 we predict that Sepiax and comparable water-based resin inks will be outselling HP latex inks. Why? and how?


Gateway to library of over 250 helpful reports by Nicholas Hellmuth and FLAAR staff on wide format inkjet printers, inkjet media, RIPs. We cover the entire workflow: from scanning through to finishing (cutting, coating, laminating).

2015 Tradeshows FLAAR will attend

FLAAR will be attending APPPEXPO 2015 in March

Posted Dec. 12, 2014

TThe FLAAR team has been attending this trade show for over 5 years; this is one of the largest digital printer signage shows in China. For 2015, APPPEXPO has changed its dates from June to March, and will also change venue to the National (Shanghai) Center for Exhibition and Convention in the Hongqiao Central Business District.

Every year FLAAR flies several members of the staff to APPPEXPO, the number of FLAAR members increases each year so we can bring a specialist in each subject to do evaluations and research.

At APPPEXPO you will find several brands of UV-cured, textile, solvent, waterbased, and latex printers, many aftermarket ink, media and substrates, CNC routers, laminators and coater distributors or manufacturers.

It is a trade show worthwhile visiting for everyone in the digital signage industry.

You can visit their website:

Sign Istanbul, 11-14 September

Updated Sept. 11, 2014
Posted Aug. 12, 2014

Sign Istanbul 2014-preview-based-on-2013 FLAAR Reports
Ceramics China 2013 FLAAR Reports wide format printers

Two of us from FLAAR have been in beautiful Istanbul to attend Sign

Istanbul in mid-September.

We have lots of friends in the wide-format inkjet printing industry in Istanbul, so are looking forward to being back in Turkey again.

It is friendly country; awesome architectural history; and worth bringing your business associates or even your family.

This is the 16th year of this major printer and signage; then look for the UK flag to get the English language version.

The expo continues to grow, and is in a new wing of the Yulap convention center area, with the main entrance now associated with the Tulap Palas hotel.

Textile Printers, Photo Printers, 3D Printers: Everything

Posted April 4, 2014

If your company needs to compare Chinese brands with Korean brands with Japanese brands with brands from EU and America, then the one place in the world you can do this easily in one single location is at APPPEXPO this July in Shanghai.

You will never see all the Chinese brands in any expo near your home city. And in other Chinese expos you don’t get all the foreign brands. The great advantage of this July printer and signage expo in China is that you get close to all the significant brands that are missing at most other printer expos.

Plus, you get to experience Shanghai.

We at FLAAR have been going to China for about six years, and we enjoy Chinese hospitality. Plus we learn a lot from all the ink, media, cutter, printer, laminator, and other product booths.

To get an attendee pass, sign up and register here:

Below are the new FLAAR Reports related with "what to expect" at APPPEXPO 2014

If you need our reports in spanish or russian please visit this site.



In-depth information on the world of wide-format inkjet & signage trends is now available to you from FLAAR Reports 2014
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Several companies have asked for a lower priced introductory level opportunity, so we have this offer available for February and March 2014.

Introductory Offer: $4000, flat fee
Select from any 12 of the following 18 full-color FLAAR Reports
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If you sign up now (for any level of at least $4K), and cover the invoice this week, we will offer an in-person
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If you are not at either Chinese expo, we can meet with you at FESPA in Munich.
Meetings, in person, would need to be for breakfast before the doors open or a meeting after the doors close
any day that we are not already booked. Only cost is the meal!


Printer Expos for 2014

Updated Jan 7, 2014, Posted Dec. 04, 2013

First major printer exposition for 2014 is SGI (Sign Middle East) in Dubai. FLAAR attends every year because this expo is international in coverage.

Next D-PES and Sign China (and LED expo) in Guangzhou. Then we give two lectures at Graphics of the Americas, this year finally back in Miami.In the Spring, ISA provides opportunities for printing companies of all sizes. ISA 2014 will be in Orlando, Florida, April 23-26. Here you can learn about every kind of inkjet printer, all applications (much more than just signage). ISA is a significant opportunity to learn about aspects of printing which can expand your ability to compete.

In between we will give an entire day of lectures at a printer venue in Iran
FESPA Digital is now back in mainland Europe for 2014. We recommend FESPA Digital as a good place to visit.
The summer brings APPPEXPO Shanghai 2014, which has grown to become the largest international expo in the world.

We would return to FESPA Mexico if this is arranged. Otherwise our next expo in 2014 would be SGIA.Viscom Madrid finally admitted it was unlikely to survive but Viscom Paris is nice for the French market. Viscom Milano has now inteligently reduced its triple-width aisles down to one hall (which is a much better solution). Viscom Germany is good for the German market.

FLAAR will also attend the primary Glass expos, specialized textile printing expos, and ceramic tile printing expos.We always enjoy adding new venues, and each year at least one country flies us to their event so that all our readers can learn about their event.If you wish consulting from FLAAR at any expo in the world, contact us in advance at

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