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Every time you order a second series (or any total of FLAAR Reports over $200), you get two bonus reports free. If you order three series (or more than $300 of reports) you get three bonus reports free. If you order four series you get all bonus reports free.

If you order five FLAAR Report Series at full-fare (or over $500 worth of any FLAAR Reports) you get all bonus reports plus you can consult in person with Dr Hellmuth by telephone. You can arrange a conference call for Nicholas with your company managers and printer operators. You get thirty minutes of consulting at no charge.

We send you the bonus reports manually. To obtain them, send us an e-mail to ReaderService@FLAAR.org. Tell us what series you ordered. We can then check our credit card in-coming records to see if your order was processed. If we find your payments for the series, we will then send you back all the bonus reports for which you are qualified to receive free at no additional cost.




This is an educational discussion of how many pixels and what dpi each class of wide format printer actually needs. This is a PDF version of a published magazine article by Nicholas Hellmuth.
This is a PDF version of an article by Nicholas Hellmuth published in a magazine
We first saw the Encad NovaJet 1000i over a several day period at PMA trade show. Two machines were present in the Kodak booth. The purpose of this brief commentary is to ask the key questions to really find out the status of this brand new printer. This FLAAR Report is the only independent outside commentary available. All other stuff on the Internet is PR releases from Kodak Inc or from Encad Inc. If you wish to learn how to evaluate a printer yourself, by evaluating the ad claims, this report may enlighten you.
Our Mimaki JV4-160 Color Inkjet Plotter is located at the FLAAR facility at Bowling Green State University (BGSU). This location serves two purposes; it is a digital imaging research center and a large format digital imaging lab serving students and faculty on campus.
Canon W7250 setup notes
Canon imagePROGRAF W8200 12 week analysis and evaluation along with installation and setup evaluation.
Evaluation of Canon W7250 six color large format printer
An article featured in "Art World News", written by Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth.
GiclE9e vs. Decor vs. Fine Art Photo Printing
This is the third edition, summer 2006, with additional comparative tables that have been added and updated. The research and tests to fill out the comparative tables takes a lot of time. Most printer companies either bury the information we needed, or otherwise don't make it easy to find.
This article is to assist visitors to FESPA to understand the basic classifications of wide-format UV cured printers.
This two-part report (the second part will be published in FESPA Daily News on June 7) provides information to the consumer about inkjet inks and related colorants for wide format printers.
This introductory report has several goals. Primarily we wish to help the visitor to FESPA to recognize the choices that are available, but to realize that each ink has its pros and cons.
LED-Leuchten zum UV-HE4rten / LED Lights for UV-Curing
RIPs 96 Jeder braucht sie! / RIPs 96 Everyone needs them!


Bonus reports are free as soon as you have ordered two or more series (or over $200 worth of miscellaneous titles).

You need to select which bonus reports you want once you are eligible (send an e-mail to ReaderService@FLAAR.org. Personal consulting directly with Nicholas Hellmuth.

If you ordered five series at discounted price, simply pay the upgrade to full-fare in order to obtain 30 minutes of questions-and-answers consulting directly with Professor Hellmuth by telephone. FLAAR will provide you with Nicholas's telephone number and suggested times he is available. You can fax or e-mail your questions in advance if you wish. You then get 30 minutes free consultation via telephone en español, auf Deutsch, or naturally in English.

If you don't want 5 series, but nonetheless very much do want to speak with Dr Hellmuth on the telephone, just take whatever payments you made for however many FLAAR reports you did purchase, and simply pay the difference to arrive at the consulting fee of $500. You can make the payment on the consulting page.

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