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FAQ About FLAAR’s Premium Electronic Reports

Do I need special software to read FLAAR’s eReports?
The Reports are in pdf file format. You can read them on your Macintosh or Windows computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader software, which is available free through a link on our Web site, and many other places on the Internet.

Can I buy a single eReport?

No. All eReports are bundled with other complementary eReports in carefully selected series, which represent the best informational value for you.

What do I need to do to get the “Preferred Reader” price?

The Preferred Reader price is available to everyone who fills out a FLAAR Interest Survey online before placing his or her order. This survey is valuable to us in preparing future reports, because it tells us which topics readers are most interested in, what equipment they own, and what level of knowledge they already have.

Are there multi-series discounts?

Yes. Refer to our Multi-Series and Multi-User Price Table for details. All single-topic series count as one series. The Photo/Giclee Combo series counts as two series. The Enterprise Combo series counts as three series.

How can I return eReports, or cancel an eReport order?
All transactions are final. We cannot accept returns or cancellations on reports or other products that are delivered electronically, so please read the abstract for each item carefully before placing your order.

If you have technical difficulties in completing your order or downloading your product, please contact our technical support supervisor, at customersupport@flaar.org.

Can I print out my eReports?
eReports are sold as digital content. Your license authorizes you to print one hard copy for your own use. If you wish to print additional copies, or distribute an eReport electronically to other people in your organization, please contact us for multi-user licensing information.
Can I make a backup of my eReports?

Yes. You can make a backup copy of an eReport.

My original eReport file was lost or damaged, can I download the file again?
We understand that in rare circumstances equipment malfunctions, natural disasters, or other problems beyond your control may occur. If you find yourself in such a position, please contact our technical support supervisor, at customersupport@flaar.org with the details of your situation.

If I want to use an eReport on my desk computer and my laptop or home computer, does that count as two uses?

No. We recognize that people need to work when they can, where they can. As long as only one person will be using the eReport, it is considered one use.

What is the average size of an eReport file?
eReport files range from 200KB to 600KB, depending on the number of pages and the number of graphics. The average size is 250KB. 

How do I give feedback on an eReport?
We welcome all of your comments and suggestions. You may email us at readerservice@flaar.org. In case you receive no answer, write CustomerService@FLAAR.org. We prefer all initial contact to be by e-mail, but if you are unsure whether your e-mail has gone through, use our VoIP / Vonage telephone # 419 823-9218.

FAQ About Multi-User Licensing of FLAAR’s Premium Electronic Reports

Can I place a multi-user eReport order online?

Because there are so many different price levels available for multi-user packages, we handle all multi-user orders individually at our Bowling Green, Ohio, office readerservice@flaar.org.

What payment methods are available?

We can accept credit cards, electronic checks, wire transfers or traditional company checks. We cannot accept purchase orders.

Do I need to order an “even” multiple of eReport series, as listed in the pricing table?
Not at all. The table was prepared merely as a quick reference for readers. If the quantity you need is not listed here, contact us for an exact quote.

Do “Preferred Reader” prices apply?

Readers who order more than five copies or series automatically qualify for Preferred Reader status. However, we still encourage you to fill out a FLAAR Interest Survey online. This survey is valuable to us in preparing future reports, because it tells us which topics readers are most interested in, what equipment they own, and what level of knowledge they already have.

Can I add my company logo to an eReport?

Our standard eReports are protected by copyright, and no modifications are allowed. However, many options exist for you to order customized editions, including sponsored and private label versions. Our technical staff can even write a complete custom report to your specifications for your staff or your customers. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Can you provide individual or business consulting?

Yes. We can consult with you at your facility or ours. Our consulting guidelines are available on all of our Web sites, at readerservice@flaar.org.

Can you prepare a training program for my staff or my customers?

Yes we can. Since our offices are located on the campuses of two major universities, we have access to many educational resources, and would be happy to discuss your training needs.

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